Online PhD in Information Technology (IT)

An online PhD in Information Technology is one of the best ways to become a leader in today’s business enterprises. Information technology or IT has now become one of the fastest growing and most important aspects of our entire civilization. It is now the backbone of government, business, entertainment, education, industry and almost every other function of our society. Not surprisingly, individuals with advanced degrees in IT are in demand as leaders in many fields. A person with a PhD in IT can now work in almost any industry or field.

What is an online PhD in information technology (IT) ?

The most advanced degree that a person can get in the field of information technology. It indicates that a person has undertaken advanced studies in IT and related fields such as computer science,
mathematics and software engineering.

Is an online PhD program in information technology (IT) right for me?

If you have a strong interest in information technology, engineering, mathematics, computers, computer science and related fields and wish to study how they impact society as whole it would be. Those who wish to become leaders in fields such as business, government, education and technology will need to understand IT and its impact. A PhD can help a person understand that impact.

How long does it take to obtain an online PhD degree in information technology (IT)?

The average person will need to spend about three years studying for a PhD in a fulltime classroom setting and about four years studying for an online PhD. The time required to get such a PhD can be extended because most candidates are required to do a dissertation and an internship in an IT PhD program.

How much does an online PhD in information technology (IT) cost?

A legitimate PhD in IT will cost the average student around $42,000 for the entire program. Candidates should be very careful because there are fake IT PhDs for sale on the internet for much less. These PhDs usually come from unaccredited universities so they are worthless. Unfortunately many students waste their money on these frauds because they are much cheaper than real online PhDs. Any PhD that costs less than $30,000 is usually a fake.

What are the admission requirements for online information technology (IT) PhD programs?

To get a PhD in IT a student will first need to complete a masters degree usually in a subject such as engineering, IT or computer science. A specific amount of advanced coursework in mathematics is also an admissions requirement for most PhD programs in IT. Other requirements may include work experience in IT, a high GPA and a good score on the GRE test.

What skills will I learn in an online information technology (IT) PhD program?

A candidate will learn how to apply the theories of engineering, mathematics, software design and information technology to the problems of business, industry, government, education and other fields. Candidates will learn how to conduct advanced research into IT problems and apply the results to create solutions.

What courses will I take in online information technology (IT) PhD programs?

  • Application Framework for Windows Information Systems
  • Data Warehousing and Mining
  • Advanced Database Management
  • Object Oriented Database Systems
  • Knowledge Management for E-Business
  • Information Systems Policy and Administration
  • Directed Readings in Information Systems
  • Advanced Topics in Information Systems
  • Information Security Theory and Practice
  • Distributed Database Management Systems
  • Intelligent Databases
  • Principles of Machine Learning and Interface
  • Advanced Topics in Information Security
  • Software Engineering
  • Analysis of Algorithms
  • Decision Guidance Systems
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Logic Models in Artificial Intelligence

What types of jobs are available after earning my online PhD in information technology (IT)?

  • IT Manager
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • IT consultants
  • Systems Analyst
  • IT Analyst
  • Technologist
  • Director of IT
  • IT Security Manager

What is the average salary of online information technology (IT) PhD graduates?

Information technology management is now one of the most lucrative fields around. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that the average IT Manager made an average salary of $112,210 a year in 2008. Many persons in the industry made quite a bit more, IT managers in the software industry made an average annual salary of $126,840 in 2008. These figures don’t include the generous bonuses and stock options many IT pros receive in addition to their salaries.

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